The ID Sports India Talent Marketing is staffed with the nation's premier marketing and sales team to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing and growing endorsement marketplace. Our full service marketing department utilizes a completely integrated approach in the development of client programs. The Id sports India's mission is to provide its clients with a competitive advantage in their respective categories.

The Talent Marketing group creates and maximizes opportunities by employing the knowledge and skill acquired over years of developing marketing properties and identifying those opportunities which best suit client needs. We draw from our vast resources to plan, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies that ensure client satisfaction. We concentrate on areas of strength for all of the athletes we represent, and arrange promotional appearances, memorabilia, regional and national endorsement deals, speaking engagements, teaching clinics (including camps), and playing apparel deals.

We take a multi-pronged approach by creating attractive and influential sales materials to utilize in the player's realistic areas of opportunity. We identify a player's interests and develop a strategy based upon qualified leads that will likely "bear fruit" for the individual involved.

Opportunities range from local endorsements to national commercials. As the sports marketplace continues to grow and popularity surges, regional corporate ties and cross marketing opportunities in entertainment become more and more prevalent for our clients.

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